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Title Production Author Date
GodspellTreasure Island (2013) (2013) Mr. Tom Redruth 8/1/2013
LOTTIE AND BERNICE ETC ETCLottie and Bernice Show (2008) SHARON LIBRERA 5/18/2012
A Christmas Carol 2010A Christmas Carol 2010 25th Anniversary Show (2010) Nicole 11/30/2011
Community Theatre at its best...Our Town 2011 (2011) Elaine Fuller Schuh 3/1/2011
Memorable and extra special theatrical event.Our Town 2011 (2011) Brendan J. Cunningham 2/27/2011
Gotta love Scrooge 2010A Christmas Carol 2010 25th Anniversary Show (2010) Trish 12/2/2010
Nosferatu 2010Nosferatu (2010) Bonnie Gordon 3/5/2010
So much more than DraculaNosferatu (2010) C 2/22/2010
NosferatuNosferatu (2010) Phyllis 2/22/2010
Daniel Plays a Powerful DraculaNosferatu (2010) Jeff Raugh 2/21/2010
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