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After 15 years in exile, Sweeney Todd, an unsettling man with a mysterious past, arrives in a dark and gritty London, hungry for vengeance against the judge who destroyed his life. Todd joins forces with Mrs. Lovett, the unhinged proprietress of a failing pie shop, and together they develop a spinetingling plot to exact revenge. When the lights go down and the curtain goes up, you won’t dare look away.

Attend the Tale of Sweeney Todd:
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Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street 

Sweeney Todd- Shawn Ward
Mrs.Lovett- Jenna Montesanti 
Anthony Hope- Trevor Stone
Johanna- Kacy Carbone
Tobias Ragg- Joseph Bielecki 
Judge Turpin- Jared Crouch
The Beadle- VJ Battagalia 
Beggar Woman- Kaylie Horowitz 
Adolfo Pirelli- Bradley Gelber 
Jonas Fogg- Ben Torres

Neshiah Alston, Luke Brunn, Emily Cannon, Carter Converse, Mishayla Cormier, Gabrielle A, Corsaro, Brayden Cox, Patricia Crespo, Bridget Dooley, Andrew Drew, James Eskra, Courtney Gerou, Samantha Gilleuson, Kelsie Greene, Trista Hayes, Stephanie Herrera, Pandora Kew, Taylor Kozlowski, Joshua Lauretig, Cristin Moor, Samuel Olszewski, Emily Quinn, Ari Rose, Jason Ruisi, Julie Senko, Lee Sholtz, Tristan Smith, Randi Sykes, Aestarea Truesdale, Audrianna Yates

READ THRU:  Wednesday June 7
 from 6-9

2023-2024 Season Announced

Season Tickets For All 5 Main Shows
Still Only $60.  More Information About Ordering Coming Soon!

For the 1st time

For the first time we're offering something new at the Ghostlight for our Teen Age group! You will learn what it takes to put on a production at the theatre from start to finish. Click the photo above to fill out a form! See you in June!

Did You Know We Have A Podcast???

Welcome to the Starry Night Theatre Podcast! An audio archive of a community theatre in Buffalo, NY highlighting historic moments, sharing past and current projects, and showcasing existing and emerging talent. Join us behind the stage, as your hosts, DJ and Alex, interview the Ghostlight talent, revealing the realities of theatre and exposing hilarious hiccups along the way.

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Theater Marquee Lights

We are haunted!

The Ghostlight was built in 1889, and over the years, we've learned there are a few cast, crew, and audience members of the spectral variety. 

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Gift certificates are available through the Box Office. They may be purchased for single tickets for any Ghostlight performance, or may be used to purchase a gift subscription.

For more information, call the Box Office at 716-743-1614.

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During the show, make sure you get your tickets for the 50/50 split club. Someone will walk out with a mitful of cash...
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All proceeds benefit the upkeep of the historic Ghostlight Theatre.

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