The Haunted Ghostlight Theatre

Top 5 Haunted Areas of the Ghostlight Theatre

The 5th most haunted area of the Ghostlight Theatre is the kitchen hallway. There have been  many reports of activity occurring in this hall such as apparitions of little girls and voices being heard. 

The 4th most haunted area of the theatre is the place where you all enjoy the shows. We have had plenty of unexplainable experiences occur in our auditorium. Reports of noises being heard, people have been touched, and ghosts have been sighted. 

Our 3rd spot goes to the bathroom hallway. This is where an old entrance to the church basement used to be and can still be seen in the brick wall. It is another area where reports of little children have been spotted and other figures have been seen walking the hall.

The 2nd most haunted area is our costume room. Do not roam in here alone, there have been recordings of voices, full voices heard while the room is empty and children running through the aisles. 

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